1: "Star Wars" has inspired many anime series, from mecha battles to intergalactic politics.

2: "Mobile Suit Gundam" features giant robots and complex characters in a galaxy at war.

3: "Cowboy Bebop" follows a crew of space bounty hunters in a gritty, futuristic world.

4: "Space Dandy" is a wacky comedy about an alien hunter searching for new species.

5: "Knights of Sidonia" explores humanity's struggle against alien creatures in deep space.

6: "Outlaw Star" follows a group of outlaws as they search for a mythical treasure.

7: "Macross" combines mecha battles with love triangles and music in a war-torn galaxy.

8: "Aldnoah.Zero" tells the story of a war between Earth and Mars with advanced technology.

9: "Code Geass" features political intrigue and rebellion in a world dominated by superpowers.