1: Introduction Explore the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world and learn about the impact of corruption on society.

2: Somalia Ranked as the most corrupt country, corruption in Somalia is pervasive across all levels of society.

3: South Sudan Corruption in South Sudan has hindered the country's development and exacerbated poverty among its citizens.

4: Syria Despite ongoing conflict, corruption in Syria continues to be a major issue affecting the country's stability.

5: Yemen Yemen's political instability has created fertile ground for corruption to thrive in the country.

6: Venezuela Corruption in Venezuela has led to economic collapse and widespread social unrest among its citizens.

7: Sudan Sudan's long history of corruption has hindered its progress towards stability and development.

8: Equatorial Guinea Despite its oil wealth, corruption in Equatorial Guinea has left much of its population in poverty.

9: Afghanistan Corruption in Afghanistan undermines the country's efforts towards peace and development, affecting its citizens' lives.