1: "The Great Train Robbery of 1963: A daring heist that inspired movies and books."

2: "The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft: $500 million worth of art stolen in 1990."

3: "Theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911: The famous painting mysteriously disappeared for two years."

4: "The Hatton Garden Heist in 2015: Elderly thieves break into a safe deposit box in London."

5: "The Lufthansa Heist in 1978: $6 million stolen from JFK Airport in New York."

6: "The Antwerp Diamond Heist in 2003: A group of Italian thieves steal $100 million in diamonds."

7: "The Baker Street Robbery in 1971: £3 million stolen from a Lloyds Bank vault."

8: "The Banco Central Burglary in 2005: $70 million stolen in Brazil's largest heist."

9: "The Dunbar Armored Robbery in 1997: $18.9 million stolen by an employee in the US."