1: 1. Lack of communication 2. Overbearing behavior 3. Unresolved conflicts

2: 4. Lack of trust 5. Criticism and judgment 6. Different priorities

3: 7. Feeling misunderstood 8. Lack of respect for boundaries 9. Enabling destructive behavior

4: 10. Neglecting emotional needs 11. Failure to show love and support

5: If your grown children keep their distance, it may be due to these reasons. It's important to address and work through these issues for a healthier relationship.

6: Open communication, mutual respect, and understanding are key to rebuilding a strong bond with your adult children.

7: Seeking family therapy or counseling can provide guidance and support in navigating challenging dynamics within your family.

8: Remember, it's never too late to repair and strengthen the relationship with your grown children. Take the first step towards healing and reconciliation.

9: By acknowledging and addressing these reasons, you can proactively work towards fostering a more positive and fulfilling relationship with your adult children.