1: Spot the uniform color - Artificially ripened mangoes have a uniform yellow color without any variations.

2: Sniff for a strong smell - Artificial mangoes tend to have a strong chemical odor.

3: Inspect for soft spots - Artificially ripened mangoes may have soft spots or bruises on the skin.

4: Check for residue - Chemical residues left on the surface of mangoes are a sign of artificial ripening.

5: Examine the stem - A green stem indicates natural ripening, while a brown stem may mean artificial ripening.

6: Feel the texture - Artificially ripened mangoes may feel mushy or overly soft compared to naturally ripened ones.

7: Look for wax coating - Some artificially ripened mangoes may have a shiny wax coating on the surface.

8: Ask the seller - Inquire about the ripening process or source of mangoes from the seller.

9: Trust your instincts - If something feels off about the mango, it's better to skip buying it.