1: Discover the perfect bangs for your face shape! From blunt to side-swept, find your ideal style.

2: Round faces look great with soft, wispy bangs that elongate the face and add dimension.

3: Heart-shaped faces can rock long, side-swept bangs that balance out a wider forehead.

4: Oval faces are versatile and can pull off any bang style, from bold blunt bangs to chic curtain bangs.

5: Square faces can soften angular features with layered, textured bangs that frame the face.

6: Diamond-shaped faces shine with short, choppy bangs that highlight cheekbones and eyes.

7: Long faces benefit from eyebrow-grazing bangs that create the illusion of a shorter face shape.

8: Add drama to your look with bold, thick bangs that make a statement on any face shape.

9: Find your perfect bangs style and enhance your features with these 7 best types of bangs for every face shape.