1: Fried Foods Unhealthy: French fries Healthy: Baked sweet potato fries

2: Sugary Beverages Unhealthy: Soda Healthy: Infused water with fruit

3: Processed Meats Unhealthy: Hot dogs Healthy: Grilled chicken breast

4: Refined Grains Unhealthy: White bread Healthy: Whole grain bread

5: Sugary Snacks Unhealthy: Candy Healthy: Dark chocolate

6: Artificially Sweetened Foods Unhealthy: Diet soda Healthy: Sparkling water with lemon

7: High-Fat Dairy Unhealthy: Full-fat cheese Healthy: Greek yogurt

8: Fast Food Burgers Unhealthy: Cheeseburger Healthy: Veggie burger

9: Ice Cream Unhealthy: Vanilla ice cream Healthy: Frozen banana "nice cream"