1: Drought-Tolerant Lavender thrives in hot weather, adding fragrance to your garden.

2: Heat-Resistant Daylilies come in various colors, brightening up any landscape.

3: Sun-Loving Coneflowers attract pollinators, withstanding high temperatures.

4: Hardy Black-Eyed Susans bloom all summer, tolerating extreme heat.

5: Resilient Blanket Flowers require little water, perfect for hot climates.

6: Heat-Tolerant Lantanas produce vibrant blooms in full sun, drought-resistant.

7: Durable Russian Sage adds texture to gardens, thriving in heatwave conditions.

8: Robust Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower, excels in hot, dry conditions.

9: Tough Coreopsis, or Tickseed, boasts bright blooms, resilient in heatwaves.