1: 1. Revive dull skin with a coffee grounds scrub. 2. Create natural dye for fabric with coffee grounds.

2: 3. Mask pet odors by placing coffee grounds in a dish. 4. Use coffee grounds as a natural ant repellent.

3: 5. Boost your garden with coffee grounds as fertilizer. 6. Add shine to dark hair with a coffee grounds rinse.

4: 7. Make homemade candles with used coffee grounds. 8. Exfoliate rough feet with a coffee grounds foot scrub.

5: 9. Repel insects in your home by sprinkling coffee grounds. 10. Create unique artwork with coffee grounds as paint.

6: 11. Deodorize your fridge with a bowl of coffee grounds. 12. Deter critters in your garden with coffee grounds.

7: 13. Remove food odors from your hands with coffee grounds. 14. Add flavor to meat rubs with coffee grounds.

8: 15. Create a natural coffee grounds body scrub for glowing skin. 16. Repurpose coffee grounds as a natural cleaning scrub.

9: 17. Cover up scratches on wood furniture with coffee grounds. 18. Eliminate cooking odors by simmering coffee grounds in water.