1: Aegon's Conquest Learn about Aegon's historic conquest of Westeros with dragons and power.

2: Daenerys Targaryen Fan-favorite character to return in the Game of Thrones spinoff.

3: Jon Snow Will Jon Snow make a cameo in the new series? Fans want to know!

4: Cersei Lannister Will the formidable queen return to the screen in the spinoff?

5: Arya Stark Will Arya's adventures continue in the Game of Thrones spinoff?

6: Tyrion Lannister What role will the cunning Tyrion play in the new series?

7: Sansa Stark Fans hope to see Sansa's strong leadership skills in the spinoff.

8: Jaime Lannister Will Jaime's redemption arc continue in the new series?

9: Bran Stark Explore Bran's mystical powers in the Game of Thrones spinoff.