1: Discover the best Indian whiskies that have won awards for their quality and taste. Find out how much they cost.

2: Amrut Fusion: Awarded for its unique blend of Indian and Scottish malt, this whisky costs around $60.

3: Paul John Single Malt: Known for its smooth and balanced flavor, this Indian whisky is priced at $50.

4: Rampur Double Cask: A top choice for its rich profile, this whisky sells for approximately $70.

5: Amrut Peated: Recognized for its smoky notes, this Indian whisky comes in at $80.

6: Sula Vinospirit: A premium Indian whisky with a price tag of $90, lauded for its complex taste.

7: Rampur Select: This award-winning whisky from India is priced at $65, offering a delightful drinking experience.

8: McDowell’s No.1 Celebration: A popular choice for its affordability at $30, yet still winning awards for its quality.

9: John Distilleries' Bangalore Blue: Often recognized for its distinct flavor, this Indian whisky costs around $40.