1: "Protect Your Pup" Keep your furry friend safe by avoiding toxic houseplants in your home.

2: "Common Culprits" Avoid plants like lilies, aloe vera, and ivy that can harm your dogs.

3: "Symptoms to Watch For" Look out for signs of poisoning like vomiting, lethargy, and drooling.

4: "Safe Alternatives" Opt for pet-friendly plants such as spider plants and Boston ferns.

5: "Emergency Steps" Act fast if your dog ingests a poisonous plant; call your vet immediately.

6: "Preventative Measures" Keep toxic plants out of reach, and consider pet-safe alternatives.

7: "Know Before You Grow" Research plants before purchasing to ensure they are safe for your pets.

8: "Training Tips" Teach your dog to avoid plants and provide safe chewing alternatives.

9: "Healthy and Happy Homes" Create a pet-friendly environment by choosing non-toxic houseplants.