1: Blue Bloods Season 13 Finale Spoilers - Find out who survives the intense finale in our ranking of each season from worst to best.

2: Season 1 - Blue Bloods introduces the Reagan family, setting the tone for a gripping police drama.

3: Season 2 - The Reagan's face new challenges, testing their loyalty and dedication to the NYPD.

4: Season 3 - Danny and Jamie tackle tough cases while Frank struggles with personal dilemmas.

5: Season 4 - The Reagan family faces betrayal and tragedy, testing their strength and unity.

6: Season 5 - Frank uncovers corruption within the NYPD, risking everything to bring justice.

7: Season 6 - The Reagan's confront their past while dealing with present-day conflicts in the NYPD.

8: Season 7 - Frank battles political enemies while Danny and Jamie fight crime on the streets.

9: Season 8 - Blue Bloods continues to deliver intense drama and suspense, captivating viewers worldwide.