1: Giovanni Pernice quits Strictly Come Dancing after drama with Amanda Abbington.

2: Drama unfolds as Giovanni Pernice leaves Strictly Come Dancing due to Amanda Abbington.

3: Strictly Come Dancing shocker: Giovanni Pernice exits following Amanda Abbington controversy.

4: Amanda Abbington drama leads to Giovanni Pernice's sudden departure from Strictly Come Dancing.

5: Giovanni Pernice's unexpected exit from Strictly Come Dancing after Amanda Abbington feud.

6: Amanda Abbington's dispute with Giovanni Pernice results in his dramatic exit from Strictly Come Dancing.

7: Giovanni Pernice's departure from Strictly Come Dancing linked to Amanda Abbington altercation.

8: Strictly Come Dancing's Giovanni Pernice leaves show amidst Amanda Abbington scandal.

9: Controversy erupts as Giovanni Pernice announces departure from Strictly Come Dancing following clash with Amanda Abbington.