1: Google Pixel 5 boasts 5G connectivity and improved battery life, while Pixel 4a offers a budget-friendly option with top-notch camera capabilities.

2: Pixel 5 features a larger 6-inch display and aluminum body, compared to the compact 5.8-inch screen and polycarbonate construction of Pixel 4a.

3: Both phones have exceptional camera quality, but Pixel 5 offers additional features like Night Sight portraits and Cinematic Pan video recording.

4: Pixel 5 comes with a faster Snapdragon 765G processor and 128GB of storage, while Pixel 4a sports a slightly slower Snapdragon 730 chip with 64GB storage.

5: Pixel 5 supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, a feature absent in Pixel 4a, making it more versatile in terms of power options.

6: Pixel 5 includes water and dust resistance with an IP68 rating, a feature missing in the more budget-friendly Pixel 4a.

7: Both phones run on Android 11 with guaranteed software updates, but Pixel 5 promises longer support with up to three years of OS and security updates.

8: Pixel 5 offers a 90Hz refresh rate for a smoother display experience, while Pixel 4a sticks with a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

9: In conclusion, Google Pixel 5 is the premium choice for those seeking top-tier features, while Pixel 4a remains a solid option for budget-conscious consumers looking for quality performance.