1: Kylian Mbappe misses final Ligue 1 match for PSG. Club remains silent on absence.

2: Superstar forward Mbappe absent from PSG's last game of season.

3: Paris Saint-Germain tight-lipped on Mbappe's absence in Ligue 1 finale.

4: Mbappe mysteriously absent from PSG's crucial Ligue 1 match.

5: PSG silent on Kylian Mbappe missing last game of Ligue 1 campaign.

6: Questions surround Mbappe's absence from PSG's final Ligue 1 game.

7: Mbappe missing in action as PSG end Ligue 1 season without star player.

8: Fans puzzled as Mbappe sits out PSG's last match in Ligue 1.

9: PSG offers no explanation for Mbappe's absence in final Ligue 1 fixture.