1: United States The U.S. boasts the largest tank fleet in the world, with more than 8,000 tanks in service.

2: Russia Russia comes in second with approximately 4,500 tanks in its inventory.

3: China China ranks third with over 3,000 tanks in its arsenal.

4: India India boasts a tank fleet of around 2,000 tanks, making it one of the top tank nations.

5: Turkey With over 1,200 tanks, Turkey is a formidable force in armored warfare.

6: South Korea South Korea has approximately 2,600 tanks in its military inventory.

7: Pakistan Pakistan possesses around 2,200 tanks, securing its spot among the top tank nations.

8: Germany Germany is a leading tank manufacturer with over 1,200 tanks in its arsenal.

9: France With more than 1,000 tanks, France is a key player in the world of armored warfare.