1: "NCIS Renewed for Season 22" NCIS will be back for an exciting 22nd season, continuing to capture audiences with its thrilling storylines and beloved characters.

2: "New Season, Same Action" Fans can expect more twists and turns as Gibbs and his team solve complex cases while navigating personal challenges in the upcoming season.

3: "Spinoff Uncertainty" While NCIS secures its future, one spinoff remains in limbo, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news on the fate of their favorite characters.

4: "Thrilling Investigations Continue" Join NCIS as they tackle new cases, unravel mysteries, and uphold justice in the upcoming season filled with action-packed episodes.

5: "Iconic Characters Return" Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters back in action, bringing their unique quirks and skills to the forefront once again.

6: "Emotional Storylines Ahead" Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as the team faces personal challenges and difficult decisions that will test their loyalty and resolve.

7: "Explosive Twists Await" Expect the unexpected as NCIS dives into dangerous territory, confronting adversaries and unveiling shocking revelations in the new season.

8: "Unraveling Mysteries" Join the team as they piece together clues, uncover secrets, and solve intricate puzzles in their quest for justice and truth.

9: "Stay Tuned for More" Don't miss out on the latest updates and announcements about NCIS and its spinoff as the suspense continues to build for the upcoming season.