1: Discover the breathtaking views from California's clifftop mansions as they edge closer to the ocean after a landslide.

2: Luxurious homes face the risk of falling into the sea as the unstable ground beneath them shifts.

3: Homeowners and officials monitor the situation closely, concerned about the stability of the mansions.

4: Experts assess the damage caused by the landslide and evaluate the potential risks to nearby properties.

5: Residents express their fear and anxiety over the uncertain future of their prized cliffside residences.

6: Developers strategize on ways to reinforce the structure of the mansions and prevent further erosion.

7: The once-exclusive properties now stand on the brink of destruction, a sobering reminder of nature's power.

8: Despite the looming threat, visitors continue to flock to the area to witness the stunning views and precarious situation.

9: The price of living on the edge proves to be a risky investment as these mansions teeter closer to the edge.