1: Aries: Quick-tempered and fiery, Aries can explode with anger easily.

2: Leo: Leos’ fiery temper can flare up when their ego is hurt.

3: Sagittarius: Known for their blunt honesty, Sagittarians can be quick-tempered.

4: Scorpio: Scorpios’ intense emotions can lead to quick bursts of anger.

5: Taurus: While patient, Taureans can show their quick temper when pushed.

6: Capricorn: Capricorns’ strong will can make them quick-tempered in certain situations.

7: Gemini: Geminis’ quick wit can turn into quick temper under pressure.

8: Virgo: Virgos may seem calm, but they can have a quick-tempered side.

9: Aquarius: Aquarians’ rebellious nature can lead to sudden outbursts of anger.