1: The Rumours: Speculation surrounds Prince William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury, stirring up gossip and intrigue.

2: Who Is Rose Hanbury: A former model and close friend to Kate Middleton, Rose Hanbury is at the center of controversy.

3: The Allegations: Reports suggest a rift between Kate and Rose, fueling the affair rumors swirling around.

4: Royal Denial: Palace officials brush off the claims, insisting there is no truth to the alleged affair.

5: Social Media Buzz: Twitter and Instagram are abuzz with theories and reactions to the ongoing scandal.

6: Public Reaction: Fans and critics alike weigh in on the scandal, adding to the media frenzy.

7: Historical Parallels: Comparisons are drawn to past royal scandals, adding a sense of drama to the affair rumors.

8: The Future: Will the rumors fade away or continue to haunt the royal family for years to come?

9: The Aftermath: Regardless of the truth, the affair rumors have left a lasting impact on Prince William, Kate, and Rose.