1: 1. Sudden Change in Behavior 2. Passive Aggressive Comments 3. Lack of Support or Encouragement 4. Constant Comparison with Others

2: 5. Excessive Insecurity and Possessiveness 6. Sabotaging Your Success 7. Spreading Negative Rumors 8. Overly Critical of Your Decisions

3: 9. Insulting or Belittling You 10. Competing for Attention or Validation 11. Constant Monitoring of Your Actions 12. Displaying Hostility or Resentment

4: 13. Manipulative Behavior to Control You 14. Refusing to Acknowledge Your Achievements 15. Creating Drama or Conflict 16. Disregarding Your Feelings or Needs

5: 17. Constantly seeking reassurance from you 18. Trying to isolate you from others 19. Reacting negatively to your happiness or success 20. Trying to undermine your confidence or self-esteem

6: 21. Making snide remarks about you behind your back 22. Trying to damage your reputation 23. Constantly questioning your loyalty or motives 24. Ignoring your boundaries or personal space

7: 25. Acting possessive or controlling in relationships 26. Showing signs of aggression or hostility towards you 27. Going through your personal belongings without permission 28. Demanding all your time and attention

8: 29. Finding fault with everything you do 30. Accusing you of betraying or cheating on them 31. Ignoring your accomplishments or achievements 32. Reacting negatively to your achievements or successes

9: 33. Reacting with anger or resentment when you spend time with others 34. Trying to limit your interactions with friends or family 35. Showing signs of envy or resentment towards your relationships 36. Constantly seeking validation or approval from you.