1: "1. Lack of Communication: Infrequent or superficial conversations can indicate emotional unavailability."

2: "2. Avoidance of Intimacy: Pulling away from physical or emotional closeness can be a sign."

3: "3. Unwillingness to Commit: Fear of commitment or reluctance to make future plans may point to emotional unavailability."

4: "4. Constantly Busy: Prioritizing work or other activities over maintaining relationships can signal emotional unavailability."

5: "5. Emotional Detachment: Difficulty expressing or connecting on an emotional level can be a red flag."

6: "6. Past Relationship Baggage: Lingering effects of past hurts or unresolved issues can impact emotional availability."

7: "7. Dismissive Behavior: Invalidating or dismissing your feelings may indicate emotional unavailability."

8: "8. Inconsistency: Hot-and-cold behavior or mixed signals can signal emotional unavailability."

9: "9. Lack of Empathy: Being unable to empathize or understand your feelings is a key sign of emotional unavailability."