1: Title: Signs of Dog Depression Is your dog acting off? Learn the subtle signs that could indicate your furry friend is feeling down.

2: Loss of Appetite If your dog suddenly loses interest in food, it could be a sign of depression. Monitor their eating habits closely.

3: Sleeping More Than Usual An increase in sleep could be a sign of depression in dogs. Watch out for any changes in their daily routine.

4: Lack of Interest in Playtime A depressed dog may show disinterest in their favorite toys or games. Keep an eye out for changes in behavior.

5: Hiding or Isolating Themselves Dogs may seek solitude when feeling down. Look for signs of isolation or hiding in your pet.

6: Excessive Grooming Over-grooming can be a sign of stress or depression in dogs. Watch for any excessive licking or chewing.

7: Unusual Aggression or Withdrawal Depression can manifest in different ways, including uncharacteristic aggression or withdrawal. Seek professional help if behavior persists.

8: Changes in Body Language Watch for subtle changes in body language, such as drooping ears or a tucked tail. These could be signs of depression.

9: Consulting a Vet If you suspect your dog is depressed, consult a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Your furry friend's well-being is important.