1: 1. Goku - With his Ultra Instinct form, Goku remains the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball Super. 2. Vegeta - Trailing behind Goku, Vegeta continues to push his limits in each battle.

2: 3. Jiren - The Pride Trooper's immense power makes him a formidable force against our heroes. 4. Broly - Goku and Vegeta's toughest opponent, Broly's raw strength is unmatched.

3: 5. Beerus - The God of Destruction, Beerus, is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. 6. Whis - Beerus' angelic attendant, Whis, possesses incredible strength and agility.

4: 7. Frieza - Despite his villainous nature, Frieza remains a force to be reckoned with. 8. Hit - The legendary assassin, Hit, can manipulate time to outsmart his foes.

5: 9. Zeno - The Omni-King, Zeno, wields the power to erase entire universes with a single thought. 10. Grand Priest - Zeno's advisor, the Grand Priest, oversees the multiverse with unmatched authority.

6: 11. Android 17 - Formerly an enemy of the Z Fighters, Android 17 now fights alongside them. 12. Piccolo - The Namekian warrior, Piccolo, continues to train and grow stronger.

7: 13. Kale - The Universe 6 Saiyan, Kale, unlocks her Berserker form to unleash her full power. 14. Caulifla - Kale's protege, Caulifla, quickly climbs the ranks as a formidable warrior.

8: 15. Gohan - Once Earth's protector, Gohan continues to train and improve his fighting skills. 16. Toppo - Formerly the leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo wields the power of destruction.

9: 17. Future Trunks - The Saiyan warrior from the future, Trunks, overcomes adversity to become stronger. 18. Dyspo - The fastest member of the Pride Troopers, Dyspo's speed is unmatched in battle.