1: Aries: Bold and confident? Try a sleek bob or pixie cut.

2: Taurus: Grounded and practical? Opt for long, flowing waves.

3: Gemini: Versatile and expressive? Experiment with layers or bangs.

4: Cancer: Nurturing and sensitive? Soft curls or a classic updo.

5: Leo: Dramatic and dynamic? Rock a fierce lion's mane.

6: Virgo: Detail-oriented and polished? Keep it sleek with a chic ponytail.

7: Libra: Balanced and harmonious? Go for a trendy lob or asymmetrical cut.

8: Scorpio: Mysterious and intense? Embrace a sultry shag or edgy undercut.

9: Sagittarius: Adventurous and free-spirited? Go wild with a boho-chic braid or bold color.