1: Discover your ideal nail shape based on your zodiac sign with insights from an astrologer.

2: Aries nails are bold and confident. Opt for almond or coffin shapes to show off your fiery nature.

3: Taurus nails are practical yet luxurious. Square or round shapes complement your earthy sensibilities.

4: Gemini nails are versatile and playful. Experiment with oval or stiletto shapes for a fun look.

5: Cancer nails are nurturing and elegant. Try a soft square or oval shape to reflect your caring nature.

6: Leo nails are glamorous and attention-grabbing. Go for the daring stiletto or almond shapes to stand out.

7: Virgo nails are understated yet chic. Keep it classic with a simple square or round shape.

8: Libra nails are sophisticated and balanced. Choose a rounded square or almond shape for harmony.

9: Scorpio nails are mysterious and powerful. Embrace the bold stiletto or coffin shapes for a dramatic look.