1: Never Neglect Regular Vet Visits Make sure your cat sees the vet for check-ups and vaccinations.

2: Avoid Overfeeding Feeding too much can lead to obesity and health issues.

3: Say No to Table Scraps Human food can be toxic to cats, stick to cat-friendly treats.

4: Keep Toxic Plants Out Plants like lilies can be deadly to cats if ingested.

5: Don't Skip Flea Prevention Prevent fleas with regular treatments and check-ups.

6: Never Declaw Your Cat Declawing is painful and can lead to behavior issues.

7: Avoid Using Toxic Cleaning Products Opt for pet-safe cleaners to keep your cat healthy.

8: Say No to Leaving Your Cat Outside Unsupervised Outdoor dangers like traffic and predators pose risks.

9: Never Skip Litter Box Cleaning Keep the litter box clean to prevent health issues and stress.