1: 1. Stay indoors during dust storms. 2. Close windows and doors to keep out dust.

2: 3. Use an N95 mask to protect your lungs. 4. Avoid driving in low visibility conditions.

3: 5. Keep pets inside during a dust storm. 6. Stay hydrated to avoid respiratory issues.

4: 7. Seal cracks and gaps in your home. 8. Turn off HVAC systems to prevent dust entry.

5: 9. Cover your face with a scarf or bandana. 10. Keep emergency supplies handy.

6: 11. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities. 12. Use goggles to protect your eyes from dust.

7: 13. Check weather alerts for dust storm warnings. 14. Clean and replace air filters regularly.

8: 15. Stay informed through news updates. 16. Create a family emergency plan.

9: 17. Wait until the storm passes before cleaning up. 18. Seek medical attention if experiencing breathing difficulties.