1: Title: Top Foods for Your Happy Hamster Content: Learn about the best foods to keep your hamster healthy and happy.

2: Title: Fresh Veggies Content: Carrots, broccoli, and cucumber are great choices for your hamster's diet.

3: Title: Protein-Rich Foods Content: Include mealworms, cooked meat, and boiled eggs for essential protein intake.

4: Title: Pellets and Seeds Content: Opt for quality hamster food pellets and mix in some seeds for variety.

5: Title: Fruits as Treats Content: Offer small amounts of apple, banana, and berries as occasional treats.

6: Title: Hay and Grass Content: Ensure your hamster has a constant supply of hay and access to grass.

7: Title: Water Content: Provide fresh water in a sipper bottle to keep your hamster hydrated.

8: Title: Avoids and Limitations Content: Limit sugary treats and avoid foods like chocolate, caffeine, and onions.

9: Title: Balanced Diet Content: Balance your hamster's diet with a variety of foods for optimum health.