1: The aftermath of a deadly tornado in Iowa leaves a trail of destruction. Multiple lives lost in powerful storms hitting the Midwest.

2: Residents of devastated Iowa town mourn the loss of loved ones. Recovery efforts underway as the Midwest braces for more severe weather.

3: Emergency crews scramble to rescue survivors trapped in tornado wreckage. Iowa community comes together in the face of tragedy.

4: Homes and businesses destroyed as powerful storms sweep through the Midwest. Iowa town left reeling from the deadly tornado's impact.

5: Authorities issue warnings as severe weather threatens the Midwest. Iowa residents urged to stay safe and seek shelter during the storm.

6: Tornado survivors share harrowing tales of survival amid devastation in Iowa town. Support pours in for those affected by the deadly storm.

7: In the wake of the tornado, Iowa town mourns the loss of multiple lives. Resilient community comes together to rebuild and recover.

8: Powerful storms leave a path of destruction in the Midwest. Iowa town devastated by deadly tornado as residents struggle to cope.

9: Remembering the victims of the tornado that struck Iowa town. Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Midwest's tragic storms.