1: 1. Alexei Navalny exposes corruption. 2. Sentenced to 30 days in jail. 3. Attacked with green dye. 4. Hospitalized in Omsk. 5. Flown to Germany for treatment.

2: 6. Poisoned with Novichok nerve agent. 7. Accuses Putin of ordering attack. 8. Returns to Russia, arrested. 9. Sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. 10. Navalny supporters protest nationwide.

3: 11. Navalny goes on hunger strike. 12. Navalny transferred to prison hospital. 13. Global outcry over treatment. 14. New charges of embezzlement. 15. International calls for Navalny's release.

4: 16. Navalny's health deteriorates. 17. Navalny transferred to undisclosed location. 18. Putin dismisses Navalny protests. 19. Navalny criticizes Putin from prison. 20. Navalny's team releases video exposing Putin's palace.

5: 21. Navalny sentenced to additional 9 years. 22. Navalny's supporters continue protests. 23. Calls for sanctions against Russia. 24. Navalny awarded Sakharov Prize. 25. Navalny's wife speaks out for his release.

6: 26. Navalny's health continues to decline. 27. International community condemns Russia. 28. Navalny remains defiant in prison. 29. Putin denies involvement in poisoning. 30. Navalny's case sparks global debate.

7: 31. Navalny's team pushes for his freedom. 32. Navalny's case at European Court of Human Rights. 33. Russian court bans Navalny's organizations. 34. Navalny supporters use social media to rally. 35. Navalny continues to be a thorn in Putin's side.

8: 36. Navalny's influence grows despite imprisonment. 37. Navalny calls for protests against Putin. 38. Global leaders demand Navalny's release. 39. Navalny wins human rights award. 40. Navalny's bravery inspires activists worldwide.

9: 41. Navalny remains Putin's most prominent critic. 42. Navalny's arrest sparks outcry. 43. Navalny's supporters face crackdown. 44. Navalny's health becomes a concern. 45. Navalny's legacy as a fearless opposition figure.