1: Valuable US Coins Discover the worth of buffalo nickels, starting at $1, and rare Indian Head pennies that can fetch up to $20.

2: Silver Dimes Mercury dimes are highly sought-after, with values ranging from $1 to $10 based on condition and year minted.

3: Wheat Pennies Old Lincoln wheat pennies can be worth up to $300, especially rare dates like the 1955 double die.

4: Liberty Nickels Rare Liberty Head V nickels, minted from 1883-1912, can be worth up to $10,000 in top condition.

5: Barber Quarters Barber quarters minted from 1892-1916 can fetch up to $2,000, with rare dates and mint marks commanding higher prices.

6: Half Dollars Look out for Walking Liberty half dollars, with values ranging from $10 to $3,000 depending on condition and date.

7: Morgan Dollars Popular Morgan silver dollars from the late 1800s can be worth up to $100 or more, especially rare versions.

8: Gold Coins Consider investing in old US gold coins, like the St. Gaudens double eagle, worth up to $2,000 based on gold content.

9: Coin Collecting Tips Learn about grading and authentication to maximize the value of your old US coins, and enjoy the thrill of collecting.