1: The Bugatti PG/01 - Priced over $39,000, this luxury bicycle boasts a carbon fiber frame and top-of-the-line components.

2: The eRockit - This electric bicycle is worth over $55,000 and can reach speeds of up to 56 mph.

3: The Trek Madone - A limited edition model priced at $75,000, featuring custom paint and high-end components.

4: The Litespeed Blade - With a price tag exceeding $42,000, this titanium frame bicycle is a true piece of art.

5: The KGS Bikes - Custom-built bicycles that can cost upwards of $50,000, tailored to individual rider specifications.

6: The S-Works McLaren Venge - A collaboration between Specialized and McLaren, priced at $20,000, with a sleek design.

7: The Factor One - With a price tag of $16,000, this aerodynamic road bike is a performance machine.

8: The M55 Terminus - Priced at $35,000, this electric bicycle is handcrafted and designed for luxury.

9: The Van Nicholas Amazon - A titanium bicycle worth over $13,000, known for its high quality and durability.