1: Aries - Ambitious and driven, Aries is most likely to marry for money to achieve financial security.

2: Taurus - Practical Taurus values stability and may choose a partner who can provide a comfortable lifestyle.

3: Gemini - Flexible and adaptable Gemini may see financial stability as a key factor in marriage.

4: Cancer - Caring and nurturing, Cancer may seek a partner who can provide financial security for the family.

5: Leo - Proud Leo may be attracted to wealthy partners who can give them a lavish lifestyle.

6: Virgo - Practical Virgo may value financial stability and may marry for money to ensure a secure future.

7: Libra - Harmonious Libra may appreciate the financial security that a wealthy partner can bring.

8: Scorpio - Intense Scorpio may be drawn to partners who can provide them with financial security and power.

9: Sagittarius - Adventurous Sagittarius may marry for money to fund their free-spirited lifestyle and love for travel.